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    For Driving Enthusiasts

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Experience the Driving Pleasure

Hyundai Driving Experience offers drivers the chance to experience pure driving pleasure. Professional Instructors will introduce you to the driving dynamics and guide you through the basics. Then you will be able to put the theory into practice and show off what’s in you.

Driving Academy participant Driving Academy participant

Ignite your Driving Passion

Ready to test your driving potential? A step-by-step curriculum guides you from basic driving training to dynamic circuit driving. Buckle up for a whole new level of driving fun.

  • Electric racers ready for battle | Hyundai N
    "HDX is the most satisfactory driving program I’ve ever attended.
    I definitely want to sign up for the next level!”
    - Level 1 participant
  • Electric racers ready for battle | Hyundai N
    "It was a memorable experience to learn from the basics of driving with the help of professional instructors.
    I hope every licensed driver experiences emergency braking included in this program.”
    - Level 2 participant
  • Electric racers ready for battle | Hyundai N
    “It was outstanding in terms of program composition, course content and instructors.
    I can feel that I’m becoming a better driver, so I can’t wait for the next session!”
    - Level 3 participant


Discover Your Racing Driver Qualities