• RM20e

    Performance, Electrified.

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RM20e car

Performance, Electrified.

Regardless of the power unit, we are who we are.
Performance is always our top priority.
We never compromise on driving fun.

RM20e’s electrified power unit doesn’t just ensure zero-emission,
but provide race-car like robust power and instantaneous torque.
Sustainability and exhilarating driving experience all in one.

  • Maximum Power
    810 hp
  • Maximum Torque
    960 Nm
  • 0-200 kph
    9.88 secs
  • Emission
RM20e car

Project RM

Project RM, which stands for “Racing Midship” was launched in 2012 to develop and connect new high-performance motorsports technologies with future N models.
Ever since, the “rolling lab” has been in charge of progressive evolution in N cars.
Likewise, this time we are about to witness the next generation of N performance, electrification.

High-Performance EV

The Veloster N ETCR (on the left), unveiled at IAA 2019, signaled the beginning of a new era.
Inspired by this race car, the RM20e maintained the level of performance while retaining daily-driver quietness, responsiveness, and road-going capability.
This is just the start of so much more.

Hyundai possesses an industry-leading variety of electrified-propulsion solutions, like HEV, PHEV, BEV, and FCEV,
thus various powertrains are available for testing with the high-performance car platform.
Also, close collaboration with Rimac Automobili will help us to redraw the boundaries of performance cars further on.

We shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything; neither the racing spirit nor environmental responsibility.

High-Performance EV 01
High-Performance EV 02


The RM20e is a rear-drive high-performance sports car prototype.
It was mainly modified from the two-door, two-seat coupe body shell of the RM19.
The front and rear overhangs are 899mm and 784mm respectively, giving the car an overall balance and grip.
The enlarged front splitter, rear air diffuser, and wing spoiler enhance the aerodynamics as well as give an aggressive look.
The form follows function.

Electrified Powertrain

The RM20e is geared with an 800V motor, which generates a peak power of 596 kW, equivalent to 810 horsepower, as well as peak torque of 960Nm (708 lb. –ft).
Proof that electrified performance is just as powerful.

The battery is designed to support the vehicle’s racecar-like capabilities with energy of 60kWh and peak power of 600kW.
Moreover, as it is equipped with a 705V fast-charging adapted battery, the RM20e will be fully charged in no time.
No obstacles whatsoever in the driving fun that N always provides.

Electrified Powertrain 01
Electrified Powertrain 02
Electrified Powertrain 01
Electrified Powertrain 02