• RN22e

    Rolling Lab with Maximized E-GMP Potential

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The New Standard for Future High Performance

RN22e is the first E-GMP based Rolling Lab that opens up the possibility of EV N turning into a reality.

Next-Gen Driving Dynamics

Fun, evolves

RN22e is committed to deliver evolved fun-to-drive, while staying true to the 3 pillars of N (Corner Rascal, Race Track Capability, Everyday Sports Car).
With RN22e, Hyundai N explores to overcome the physical limitations of EV, while maximizing the EV-specific driving fun.
Under the name of Rolling Lab, RN22e tests and verifies state-of-the-art technology to be transferred into N production models.

Corner Rascal

N's First AWD Corner Rascal

With 160kW front motor and 270kW rear motor, RN22e provides power distribution to each wheel. Thanks to e-TVTC (electronic Torque Vectoring by Twin Clutch), N's signature corner carving feel is taken to the next level.

First N Drift

Equipped with AWD, RN22e allows drivers to customize torque and power of the front and rear wheels.
By doing so, drivers can enjoy the N drift based on preference.

Race Track Capability

Racetrack Enhanced Cooling

Endurance is the key for race track capability. Track-optimized cooling system specifically for electric components, such as the battery and electric motor, lets you enjoy the circuit without degradation.

Track-focused Braking System

N-specific regenerative braking system the RN22e to precisely control yaw and attack corners like never before. 4-Piston Monoblock Caliper and 400mm discs enable maximum braking performance to withstand the weight of the electric drivetrain.

Everyday Sports Car

E-GMP Potential

The potential of Hyundai’s E-GMP technology is maximized to the level of high performance to be used in the first electrified N. With E-GMP, N can explore expansion to other body types.

Emotional Driving Experience

With N Sound+, RN22e provides a more dynamic driving experience via sound generated by interior and exterior speakers. In addition, RN22e is also developing the N e-shift to integrate the vibration and shifting feel with the N Sound+.

Motorsport-Inspired Design

Motorsport-inspired designs such as ultra-wide stance and large diameter wheels highlight the performance-ready posture, enhancing aerodynamics.

Motorsport-Inspired Design
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 1
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 2
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 3
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 4
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 1
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 2
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 3
  • Motorsport-Inspired Design details 4

The Future Potential is Endless

The Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) sets no boundaries.
Optimal weight distribution and low center of gravity improve cornering performance and vehicle stability.
Furthermore, high-speed charging system maximizes driving range.
The RN22e paves the way to the near future with real world technologies, from next production model to even motorsports.


01. Lightweight 3D printed parts

Reduce weight while enhancing rigidity & maintaining equivalent performance.


RN22e Specification
Dimension Length x Width x Height (mm) 4,915 x 2,023 x 1,479
Wheelbase (mm) 2,950
Motor Total Max Power (kW) 430 (Front & Rear combined)
Total Max Torque (Nm) 740 (Front & Rear combined)
Battery Capacity (kWh) 77.4
400V & 800V fast multi-charging capability
Charging Time (min) Under 18 (SOC 10 → 80%)
Performance Max Speed (kph) Over 250

N Day 2022 - RN22e