• RN30

    The Exceptional N Racing Machine Concept

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RN30 Exceptional Racing Machine Concept From N

Hyundai N aims to make high-performance cars that allow customers to experience the pleasure of sports car driving. The racing concept model RN30 debuted at the 2016 Paris Motor Show as the embodiment of these values. The design of the RN30 is based on the

new i30 that was created for the pleasure of driving on the race track. The RN30 consists of a 2.0-liter turbo engine boasting 380PS, and a motorsport-inspired aerodynamic design. In addition, it features progressive technologies that enable the driver to control the car with accuracy and ease.

RN30 car

High-Performance Powertrain to Feel the feeling

The RN30, which has been designed for the toughest race tracks, is equipped with the 2.0-liter turbo engine. The engine is developed for the Hyundai N production models but includes extra modifications for upgraded performance. The size of the turbo has been enlarged to increase engine power output, and the engine block parts have been forged together to increase durability and resistance to the powerful explosions inside the engine. As a result, the potent RN30 is packed with a maximum output of 380PS, and a maximum torque of 46 kgfm.

The concept car has a high maximum permissible torque range and is equipped with a wet-type DCT. This works well in combination with a high-output engine and results in faster direct coupling, a quicker response when shifting, and leads to dynamic acceleration capabilities befitting of a powerful race car. On top of that, the RN30 comes with AWD for enhanced stability when driving at high speeds with frequent turns.

Specialized Technology to Maximize Performance

The RN30 features specialized high-performance technologies designed for excitement, allowing drivers to tame the most challenging of race tracks. Rev-matching encourages spirited driving by rapidly adjusting engine speed with precision when shifting gears during sport mode. An Electronic Variable Exhaust system injects a surge of aural pleasure with a strong exhaust sound consistent with the visceral sensation one feels when accelerating.

The N Corner Carving Differential ensures that each wheel receives sufficient torque by constantly regulating the force applied to the tires. This helps prevent skidding and ensures fast, precise cornering when navigating high-speed curves, allowing drivers to control the powerful RN30 with confidence, ease, and precision.


Design Formed with a High-Performance DNA

The silhouette of the RN30 is unmistakably reminiscent of the new i30 N. However, compared to the i30, the width of the RN30 has increased by 30mm to 1950mm, while the height has been significantly lowered by 84mm to 1355mm, allowing for greater stability during high-speed driving and cornering. Exterior design features such as the ‘floating’ fenders display, high-performance technologies, and aerodynamic enhancements of the RN30, keep the vehicle glued to the track. The aggressive front design of the RN30 features Hyundai’s new signature cascading grill and high-tech headlamps. The airflow passes through the mesh cascading radiator grille

and air intake, which improves downforce and provides optimum cooling for high-performance driving. A large air outlet on the engine hood suggests the dramatic engine power within. The robust rear spoiler helps to distinguish the RN30 from its Hyundai N siblings, while aesthetically balancing its proportions. A fin that runs along the central line of the roof creates a unique look as it penetrates the spoiler. The concept car features a large rear diffuser set above centrally-mounted white ceramic twin exhaust pipes for optimal balanced downforce. The 19-inch light-weight alloy wheels complete the car's dynamic appearance.

  • Highly Powerful With
    A Maximum Output
    380 ps
  • Maximum Torque
    46 kgfm
  • Height
    1355 mm
  • The Full Width
    1950 mm

Interior Design Optimized for Racing

During the interior design process, RN30 designers and racing experts from Hyundai Motorsport (HMSG) worked closely together to ensure drivers can focus exclusively on the car and the road. The RN30 includes bucket seats that perfectly fit the driver’s body, and an integrated roll cage that increases the vehicle's body strength, to support and protect the driver in all situations.

Gimbal-mounted and image-stabilized cameras are installed to capture driver reactions and dynamic moments while on the road or the track. The cameras are attached inside each A pillar and the center fin on the roof. With this camera system, drivers can easily capture professional-looking racing footage to create videos of their exciting experiences that are on par with a TV broadcast.