• iMax N Drift Van
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The Drift Van

Hyundai Australia announces a special one-off custom creation, inspired by the mischievous spirit of N and guaranteed to put a smile on any driver’s face... along with up to seven passengers. Introducing the iMax (Known as the Starex or H-1 in other markets) N ‘Drift Van’. Powerful, turbocharged engine? Check. N Corner Carving Differential? Check. N Performance Blue paintwork? Check. Seating for eight drift-fiends? Of course.

Hyundai iMax N 'Drift Bus'

The N philosophy of “Measured in BPM” — putting driving thrills and excitement ahead of ultimate performance — drove the Australian skunkworks team to create the ‘iMax N’ and build it to the highest possible technical standards.

A standard iMax was sent to N boot camp where it bulked up with more muscle. The regular 2.5-liter CRDi engine was instantly discarded and replaced by a monster 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, pumping out over 300kW of power and 555Nm of torque — more than enough to turn rubber into smoke, even on a van. Breathing through a bi-modal exhaust ensures the ‘iMax N’ sounds as good as it looks. The potent engine is paired to a Hyundai-developed eight-speed automatic gearbox that connects to a corner carving differential, helping to transfer the grunt to the rear wheels.

The suspension features electronically-controlled dampers, while the brakes have also been given an N performance upgrade. The 19” alloy wheels, borrowed from the i30 N, are wrapped in performance rubber — but don’t get too attached to them because the ‘Drift Van’ has an appetite for tires. Optimizing cornering performance and handling, the iMax N achieves perfect 50-50 weight distribution with eight people on board, maximizing the grin factor.

Inside, the iMax N looks the part, with an N steering wheel, N sports front seats, and two rear bench seat rows also trimmed in matching suede and leather. If you’re going to go drifting with seven friends, you need to be perfectly comfortable and do it in style. ‘Drift Van’ offers more than practically any sports sedan or performance SUV, with an 842-liter trunk perfect for carrying spare tires. You can also carry an entire pit crew if required.

iMax N is not a production model, nor is it road legal, so any grin-inducing fun will be limited to the race track. But we trust our simple aim has been achieved: to demonstrate Hyundai Australia’s passion for N-gaging and exhilarating vehicles for drivers... and as many passengers as possible.

The drift van25 Oct 2019