• What do experts say about Veloster N?

    What do experts
    say about Veloster N?

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21 May 2020

Veloster N is a power-packed hot hatch with a focus on performance. With its 2.0 turbocharged engine, up to 275 PS, suspension tuning, and Hyundai N’s corner carving differential, the car delivers performance ready for the racetrack.

But you want to know if Veloster N is the right car for you, so we’ve compiled a list of expert reviews on the Veloster N. Find out what experts have to say about Hyundai’s Veloster N and form your own opinion about the performance car.

2020’s Performance Car of the Year

“In case you haven't heard, we just announced our 2020 Performance Car of the Year: the Hyundai Veloster N. The Hyundai ticked all of our boxes in ways none of the other cars—even the six-figure exotics featured in the test—couldn't.”

Everyone’s Favorite

“We love driving hot hatches, and the Veloster N is one of our newfound favorites. Because these little boxes of fun aren't always sales successes, we've been loving the same ones for a while now, so we're pleased that Hyundai finally got in the game with it. The Veloster N was the first salvo from Hyundai's N performance brand in the United States, and it immediately impressed us with its quirky design, rally-ready performance, and, most especially, its reasonable price tag.”

“If you had told any of us five years ago that arguably the best value in the hot hatch segment would not just come from Hyundai, but it’d be a hotted-up version of the Veloster, we’d have been on the phone with your loved ones and your physician to stage an intervention. But here we are today, living in a world where the Hyundai Veloster N is unquestionably the real deal. And it’s a car that Team Jalopnik seems universally in love with.”

Great Value for the Price

“For a car at the $28,000 price point, it is incredible that the N offers this many high-end features.”

“The introduction of the 2020 Hyundai Veloster N changes things. After driving it, it’s clear that the Veloster N has the same ideal blend of affordability and capability, but the focus is on performance…”

An Everyday Sportscar with Customizable Driving Modes

“The Veloster's adjustability continues to be one of its most popular attributes around these parts. Quick changes are available for the suspension, steering, exhaust, differential, and throttle response—via either a steering-wheel-mounted "N" button or through the on-screen "N" menu—and the available combination of settings has turned out to be a nerdy source of inter-office amusement, as each of our drivers from time to time considers and critiques the settings of others.”

“Controlling all of the go-fast goodies are preset Eco, Normal, Sport, and N drive modes. An easy-to-configure N Custom mode allows for mixing and matching of multiple settings for the engine's throttle response, the standard adaptive dampers, the limited-slip diff, the selectable engine rev matching, the stability control, the steering weight, and the exhaust. So far, we've found that turning most of those dials up to 11 while taming the dampers and the exhaust is particularly effective at balancing the N's performance for commutes around southeastern Michigan.”

Handling on Point

“Even though this is a FWD (front-wheel drive) vehicle, the use of an electronically-controlled torque-vectoring limited-slip differential makes handling very smooth for this car and reduces acceleration slip under-steerage while also increasing maximum cornering speed via precise torque-vectoring. The suspension also uses a load-transfer control system that reduces dive during braking, enhances roll control during cornering and reduces rear suspension compression under hard acceleration.”

“As good as the engine and transmission are, what really astonishes about the Veloster N is the way it handles. The Veloster powers through corners so neutrally, it’s hard to believe it’s front-drive. Credit goes to the superb suspension tuning, honed under the watchful eye of former BMW M chief engineer Albert Biermann, and the N’s torque-vectoring, electronically-controlled mechanical limited-slip differential. It provides excellent traction, and even as you feed more power in through the corner, the Veloster stays on the line. It’s most noticeable in the Sport+ setting.”

Race Track Capabilities

“On track, the car encourages you to dance with it. Our judges even found themselves getting back into even after a few sessions in the more expensive machinery.”

“The Veloster N with its 19-inch wheels, specially made P235/35R19 Pirelli P-Zero tires, aggressive front spoiler and its unique rear wing, all contribute to make for a car that will, in short order, turn legions of young drivers into very fast track addicts. Thank you, Albert.”

Fun to Drive

“Holy crap, the Veloster N is a stunning hot hatchback. Tight, aggressive handling, a fantastic turbocharged engine, and an enjoyable six-speed manual transmission are a perfect combination for a vehicle this size. The N’s responses – be it to handling, acceleration, or braking – are ideal. Drivers new to hot hatches will find it accessible, while more experienced drivers searching for an affordable toy will find an engaging partner with impressive depth. If Hyundai’s future N cars are even half as fun to drive as this, the sub-brand has an extremely bright future.”

“We saw journalists and ex race car drivers […] emerge from the cockpit giggling like they just did their first burnout. Not only is the Veloster N approachable, it makes all the right moves and noises to make a gearhead swoon.”

“Now it’s on to what really matters, which is how it feels to drive a performance-oriented car like the Veloster N. Well, Hyundai’s new entrant in the sports car segment feels pretty darn good.”

What Do You Think about Veloster N?

Were these car experts able to convince you? If you’re looking for a fun and power-packed performance car for your everyday drive or to enjoy on the track, the Veloster N is the car for you. Learn more about Veloster N