• i30 N Line

    Don’t Go Unnoticed

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Don't Go Unnoticed

The N Line is the epitome of perfect balance, bringing together the first class comfort and technology of the i30 and the track inspired wicked design of the i30 N.

Spot On SportyN Line

Have fun! The i30 N Line is pure adrenaline with a bold sporty exclamation point. Enjoy the exciting design elements of the Hyundai i30 N with added dynamics for responsive brakes, exclusive tyres and exceptional chassis.

  • i30 N Line front
  • N Line logo
  • i30 N Line wheel
  • i30 N Line rear lamps

Intuitive Interior

Feel the road in your red-accented i30 N interior.The instinctive N-inspired steering wheel and gear knobs are at your command.Rev your engine and enjoy the pure driving performance.

  • i30 N Line interior
  • i30 N Line steering wheel
  • i30 N Line gear shifter
  • i30 N Line front seats

Dress Up Your Life

Go unnoticed. you can now take your i30 5-door to the next level with eye-catching design elements taken directly from the i30 N

i30 N Line red car



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